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Name:Chinese snub-nosed monkey

Scientific Name: Pygathrix roxellanae

Chinese Name:金丝猴

Description:Endemic species of China. Only found in Sichuan, Shanxi,Gansu. Inhabits mixed needle leaved and broad leaved forest and needle leaved forest at altitude of 1500-3500m. They are arboreal and diurnal, rare come down to the ground. The monkeys associate in groups of 100 individuals. 

They prey on young birds or insects. There are 5 golden monkeys in the zoo. We had achieved the reproduction success of Golden Monkey in Southern China under captivity in 1996. Mating peak period is at the end of Autumn. Gestation: 6 months, birth occurs in April-May. Number of young at birth: 1 cub. The color of newborn is grey and brown, then turn golden with ages.