Newsletter on the Opening Ceremony of the Feature Program for Children Hosted by Guangzhou Zoo

Publish Date:2016-05-31

              With the International Childrens Day approaching, the theme exhibition of cultural relics and zoos co-hosted by Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Zoo, Childrens Palace Guangzhou, Guangzhou Metro and other famous organizations was officially available to the public on May 31, 2016. Through exploring the cultural connotation of animals and cultural relics, Guangzhou Zoo and Guangdong Museum intended to combine the modelling of cultural relics with modern animals so as to highlight the creativity essence of the ancient and the extensiveness and profoundness of Chinese Culture. The set-up of many interactive facilities inside the exhibition hall makes it possible to show the sage culture so that visitors can not only acquire knowledge about animals and cultural relics, but also enjoy themselves in the process of tour.