Popular Science Course about Animal Make Its Presence at Museum

Publish Date:2016-07-30

             On the afternoon of July 30, 2016, as one-day tour of popular science, docents of popular science from Guangzhou Zoo delivered an interesting popular science course with the theme of Animals from Eggs for over 80 students and parents at the classroom of Guangdong Museum. From June 1 to October 28, 2016, Guangdong Museum and Guangzhou Zoo will make joint efforts to arrange zoo exhibitions of cultural relics and all animals responding to these relics can be found in Guangzhou Zoo. This feature program for children about zoo and popular science education on animal culture is well embraced by the general public who are very active to participate in all activities. And in some cases, they need to have classes at Guangzhou Zoo, and then go to Guangdong Museum for the zoo tour of cultural relics. With adopting the innovative combination of moving and stillness, this popular science education activitylinks still animals of cultural relics with real animals at Guangzhou Zoo and highlights the endless charm of animal cultural connotation.