Newsletter on the Popular Science Summer Camp of Preventing Earthquake and Reducing Disaster

Publish Date:2016-07-28

On July 27, 28, August 10 and 12, 2016, Guangzhou Earthquake Administration and Guangzhou Zoo co-organized the popular science summer camp of preventing earthquake and reducing disaster, and this is an annually normal activity of popular science. For this camp, there are 220 members, including children and their parents. Under the guidance the docents of popular science from Guangzhou Zoo, camp members observed the measuring points of mass preventing and mass monitoring earthquakes, learned the process of collecting seismological data, paid visits to the popular science hall of animals and earthquake and acquired knowledge about changes of animal behaviors before, in the middle of and after earthquakes. In addition, there are interactive links, such as the platform for experiencing earthquake and explaining the relations between animals and earthquakes and household popular science knowledge about preventing earthquake and reducing disaster. With adopting the form of Q&A, the combination of explanations and knowledge aboutpreventing earthquake and reducing disaster presents participants a better understanding so that they can make use of it immediately.  

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