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Publish Date:2016-08-23

                In August 23-25, the Annual Meeting 2016 of Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens was held in Shijiazhuang Zoo with more than 300 delegates from over 100 zoos making their presences, and the experience on successful industry development was shared to promote further growth. Whats more, Chen Xun, deputy director of Administration of Forestry and Gardening of Guangzhou, and other 7 relevant officers from Guangzhou Zoo also attended this annual meeting. Three reports about animal management, popular science education and animal population management were contributed by Guangzhou Zoo, so was six posters on park development, animal breeding, scientific research and popular science education. In addition, experience exchanges were made among all participants, and special tour was made to Shijiazhuang Zoos feed room, popular science hall and animal cage & house. Consequently, all of these serve as useful experience for Guangzhou Zoo to pursue its further development and growth.


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