Guangzhou Zoo Upgrade Greening for Small Animal Area

Publish Date:2011-03-23

Writer / Zhang Yuanhuan    Photographed /Liu Yuwen


In October 2010, a brand new Small Animal Ecological Exhibition Area in Guangzhou Zoo was established and officially opened to the public. The zoo made this area simulate the original natural environment and adopted poly-culture and group breeding to exhibit animals, which was a new highlight and well received by visitors. Recently, in order to further enhance the ecological level and provide a better habitat, Guangzhou Zoo starts improving greening by transplanting 4 camphor trees (36~1000px in DBH, 6~8m in height) and plant seasonal flowers and low trees again to shade the playground. After transformation, the afforest level of the whole area is more diversified, and the animals have more space to display more interesting things, which not only bring much better exhibitions but also improve the animals’ welfare.