Elephant Tortoise to meet Tourist


Elephant Tortoise to meet Tourist
Writer/Xu Yingyi   Photographer/Xie Weixing
        Since September 2014, Aldabra giant tortoises from Seychelles had lived in Guangzhou Zoo for more than 7 months. They have already adapted to the living environment with stable weight in Guangzhou under the great care of zookeepers. At present, the male elephant tortoise Totor weighs 84 kilograms, and the female one, Tia, 94 kilograms, which increases 17% compared to the former weight. In the cold weather, people can do nothing but watch them staying in the greenhouse which is carefully prepared for them. As the temperature rises, they are finally glad to walk out of their house, some crawling and foraging on the lawn, some living comfortably and playing in the pool. They will meet the tourists in the tortoise pavilion in Guangzhou zoo. (Copy editor/ Liu xiaoqing)